who is Swami Chaitanya Bharti

I wish I could meet God. Just to have a face to say ‘Thank You’to. If I trace back the trail of blessings in my life, it would beginthe day Gurudev entered my world. From that day onwards, sometimes slowly and imperceptibly, and sometimes dramatically, life began to shower its blessings upon us.

I say “us” because I would have to include my family in it too. We have all journeyed together in His caravan. He initiated us into a mysterious world. A world which we had read and heard about, and maybe even fumblingly touched, before He took us there.

Yes, our personalities changed… as we glimpsed that part of our personality which was beyond change; our relationships changed, as we began enjoying the taste of aloneness; and our lives changed, as he untiringly reminded us that we were never born and would never die.

His contribution was not in His words. His glory was not even in His actions. He gave us His entire Being. And in that sharing there is no space for two. In that part of Him which is beyond blood and marrow He holds us…while His words remind us that there is only ONE.

So who is Gurudev ?
Is He imprisoned within certain fragments of conditioning,
certain patterns of behaviour? I sense something grander in Him. Even within His pragmatic demeanour, I sense something vast, silent and mysterious. He comes from a place beyond and this rough-hewn mind and age-worn body are only His point of contact with the world we consider “real.”

In this “reality” He has a history – He was born to an impoverished family in that part of Punjab which is now in West Pakistan.

But, Swamijee will be the first to point out, none of this is any more relevant than a dream at noon. And what really matters cannot be given in words. It must be passed on like a flame from lamp to lamp. From living Master to disciple. And being with Him is an invitation to let your inner lamp be lit…

a brief history

On the pleasant evening of 4th October 1969, a 27 year old photographer met Osho for the first time and silently handed him
a note. It said...

"Please look into my eyes and see if they can be set aflame...
if they have the potential to see the light. If yes, then I have all the energy and courage to move on those paths which are unknown."

On reading it, Osho looked at him, smiled, and said...
"Ab aa gaye ho to wapis nahin laut paoge." (Now that you have come, there is no turning back) Since then, the young photographer never looked back. When Osho started initiating disciples into Neo-Sannyas in 1970, this photographer was fortunate to be amongst the first six disciples to be initiated into sannyas by Him. He was given the new name -- Swami Chaitanya Bharti.

And for the next 21 years, he did everything his Master asked him to. He worked as Osho's personal photographer for many years, edited numerous Hindi discourses, designed many of his Hindi book jackets and also worked as the co-ordinator of the Pune Communes Audio Duplication Department. And whenever he got the chance, he immersed himself into intense meditations along with long periods of silence and seclusion. In 1974, when Osho stopped conducting meditation camps personally, he appointed him to conduct them on His behalf.

Since then, Swami Chaitanya Bharti -- now lovingly addressed as Gurudev -- has conducted over a 100 meditation camps in India and abroad. He also spent six intense months in Nairobi, guiding a group of 150 sannyasins into the deeper realms of meditation. Now in his late sixties, Gurudev lives at OSHO DEVLOK, Srirangapatna, India... and continues to conduct meditation camps with undiminished energy, enthusiasm and commitment. As he says...

"This is my way of repaying the Master for all the blessings he has showered, all the wisdom he has shared, all the love he has poured on me... a debt which is basically impossible to repay."

Thus Gurudev continues to forge ahead with the torch set
aflame by his Master, combining meditation with love, laughter
and celebration.

Gurudev is also the founder of Oorja Music, a spiritual music company dedicated to creating music based on Osho's vision of music, dance and meditation. He is the author of 3 books : "Osho aur Inner Circle" in Hindi ; "Out of His Ashes" in English...
and just released Gurudev's third book titled...

...and nothing has ever happened

the awakening

In September 1990, after 21 years of being a disciple of Osho,
Swami Chaitanya Bharti was stunned into Silence by an unexpected event. For months afterwards, his appetite almost disappeared and sleep diminished to a few hours a week. When he did sleep, the inner space was racked by a series of explosions.

When he does – reluctantly – talk about this experience, he says...
 “It felt as if a huge building complex – with many floors – had been exploded with dynamite. I used to weep for hours and hours... bathing in Grace and divinity. Tears of gratitude flowed day after day; it felt as if a vast, frozen inner world was melting and dissolving, washing away lifetimes of pain and suffering."

Even as this continued, he was gripped by a new dilemma. Throughout the day, and especially whenever he walked, he found himself wordlessly wondering: Who is this fellow? Who is walking? What am I?

Late one night, he came across a passage in a book which said... “Everything is just happening. There is no doer…”

While reading this, he suddenly realized that there was no reader…! In that instant, where once Swami Chaitanya Bharti had been, now there was an unbounded vastness which had no center… there was no person there at all!

Slowly-slowly there arose a feeling, which soon became constant, as if all opposites became absent… There was no friend, no enemy; no craving, no aversion, nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Everything became still and silent... as if time had stopped. Everything was perfect as it was.

Another surprising realisation was that all kinds of fears had simply vanished. And in the bonfire that was raging within, the entire heap of emotional and psychological memories had been burned.

The entire past – including the memory of the event that had triggered the process – faded away, except as a factual yet dream-like record. The only thing that remained was an ongoing sense of Presence.

“It still took a long time to understand that this is what is traditionally called Self-realization, Awakening or Enlightenment. That this is the same state which Osho had been referring to. That this is the state which many are desiring, and working so hard to achieve. But surprisingly, this thought never occurred to me that I am enlightened or that something special has happened to me. On the contrary, as days passed by, life became more and more simple and spontaneous.

“Since then, there is a pure living, being, seeing, knowing... but without a knower. “I” disappeared; me and mine became empty words – remaining only as reference points for communicating or relating. Apart from that, they had no meaning at all.

“Listening to all this, you may feel that this is a very high state, that this is what enlightenment is, but to me, it is just a natural state – most ordinary in one way, but most extraordinary in another.

“That is why, when somebody asks: “Are you enlightened?” no response arises from within. I can neither say that I am enlightened, nor that I am un-enlightened. At the most I can say:
I am what I am.
Though many names are given to this state, for me it is one's simple and natural state.

“And don't forget that all experience – even a so-called enlightenment experience – is part of the maya, the dream from which one has to wake up. To consider oneself enlightened is as illusory as it is to believe oneself un-enlightened. That is why I hesitate to talk about this experience.”

In the years that have followed, Gurudev has transformed many lives by sharing His love, laughter and meditation. His meditation retreats have become a Mecca for many sincere seekers from around the world.

And although many consider him their Master, He insists that He is just a friend.




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